Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Makes Me Smile

I can always think of something that has made me smile throughout the day and it's time to start documenting these Smile Moments.
Tonight as I was laying next to Chloe I decided to just lay with her until she fell asleep and to just enjoy her without thinking of anything else that needed to be done. As I was laying there Zander kept getting out of bed, so I would pick him up, give him a kiss, & tuck him back in. After doing this several times I finally told him he wouldn't get a Popsicle tomorrow if he got out again. Listening to him rolling all over his bed doing everything in his power to stay on his bed definitely made me Smile. 
Today when I was talking to Parker about his day he told me his favorite thing about today was catching grasshoppers with his best friend Lucas. Made me Smile.
As I was next to Chloe tonight she had her hands clasped together and asked me if this is how to pray. I told her that of course she can pray like that. After about 8-10 minutes she still had her hands clasped and I asked her what she was thinking about. Chloe sweetly told me that she was praying to Heavenly Father about me because she loves me. Made me Smile. 
I love my crazy life and feel grateful everyday for all my blessings.

Side note - did you know this is what Brussel Sprouts looked like. Made me Smile!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Lesson In Patience, Love, Kindness, & Strength

After an Amazing 5 week vacation with Pops, Yamma, Aunts, Uncles, & Cousins we made it back home only to get sick. We have been very healthy since moving to Colorado with only an occasional cold unlike in Utah when it seemed like one of our kids was always sick, many times really sick. I really do feel blessed for our health but this last week really got to me. 

Things started out with Chloe not feeling well and coughing through the night. As a mom I am always listening during the night but even more so when I know my kids are not feeling well. The sleep deprivation begins. Next Zander starts the cough. During the day their coughs are not as bad but once night comes I am doing all I can to try and keep them comfortable. At this point I have been trying Vick's, the nebulizer, steamy bathrooms, patting their backs, & sitting up with them during the night to lesson the coughs. Six days into it I had posted on Face book for any other ideas that might help. One of my Sweet friends brought over some essential oils to try along with a diffuser, at this point I was willing to try anything because I was getting really tired. 

Day  9 came and Parker started throwing up, Chloe was feeling a bit better, Zander was getting worse but I didn't have that feeling of needing to go to the doctor. The night before Tyson was complaining of his ear hurting so I put a compress on and hoped it would feel better. When he woke up he said it did. After he had been playing outside he came in saying his eye hurt and as soon as I saw him I just knew it was pink eye, ughhhhhhhh. Luckily we still had the eye drops needed and I started them right away. I needed to get out of the house and since Chloe was feeling better we went on a bike ride and it was definitely needed. Side note, Chloe rode her bike 3 miles and was AMAZING! 

As day 10 came Chloe was feeling much better and I only remember her coughing once during the night. Tyson and Zander on the other hand coughing all night long each with their own specific cough. I remember going in to their rooms several times to put more oils on and with Zander I continued to hold him upright much of the night. As I was talking on the phone about the situation feeling completely wiped out and delirious I figured out I had really only had 12 hours of sleep during the last 10 days. Yes I had drifted off while holding zander on the couch or next to me on the bed but I would not say I was really sleeping. 

As I went to bed Friday night, day 10, I laid in bed listening to my boys coughing and wanting to cry but not being able to because of how tired I was. I started really getting down on myself for the situation I was in. I kept thinking why me and a little pity party in my brain began. I kept thinking to myself that I had done & am currently doing everything that I know how to do besides going to the doctor which I still didn't feel like it was needed. After about 10 minutes of this inner voice I realized that yes my kids were sick, yes I was extremely tired, yes I was quickly loosing patience with my kids and myself but in the long run this is just a short period of time. I then asked my Heavenly Father for help and I instantly started remembering my blessings. I wish I would have written this that night but I will do my best to put down all that came to mind.

I am grateful to not have children with chronic health conditions. We have a home, 2 cars, bikes if we needed to use them for transportation & tubes for our bikes if needed. Steve has a great job that provides for our family and allows me to stay home with our wonderful kids. I have a husband that is also putting in several hours every day going to school to better our family. We have everything that we need plus sometimes a little extra. We have great friends which is so important when living away from family. We have amazing family to rely on. Most of all I have a strong testiomony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Having faith in my Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ has helped me through so many situations in life and will continue to help me as long as I ask. 

As I am typing, it is early morning day 13 and I have stopped 3 times to take care of my sweet kids I just keep thinking that this is my calling in life right now & I am lucky to have it. I am here to take care of my children in any way that I can. If I need extra strength I can rely on my Heavenly Father and He will give it to me. I am so grateful to have 4 wonderful sweet kids that are true gifts from God. I am blessed to have prayers answered when I need them, answered prayers are such sweet mercies and I'm not sure what I would do without them

I Love being a mom and would not trade it for all the lost sleep in the world. As I go about the next days while my kids are getting better I pray for patience, love, kindness, & strength to continue do what is needed for them. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Let It Snow

We have been getting a LOT of snow the past few days and these kids are loving it!! Sledding, snowboarding, snow angels, snowball fights with mom (I caught them off gaurd, from inside the house I might add and nailed them with a bucket of snow from our back deck.) All this fun right at out house on the driveway and hill in front of the house.

Sister, Brother Love

Normally Chloe & Zander go to bed at the same time but tonight Chloe stayed up with her big brothers to watch a movie. I took Zander down at his normal bedtime and instead of falling to sleep quickly like normal I stayed with him for a little over an hour. The movie was over so   I went up to get Chloe, who was sound asleep on the couch and brought her to bed. As soon as Zander knew his big sister was in the room he fell asleep.
I was so touched by the love he feels for his sister and the safety and comfort she gives him. I love being a mom and seeing my children grow into amazing people!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Husband, Dad, Pops

I am feeling so thankful to my Heavenly Father tonight for allowing my Dad to still be here with us. This morning while on his regular morning walk with my mom he began having chest pains, then arm pain, & then his jaw began to hurt as well. Once home my mom called the doctor and was told to go to the ER, so off they went. 
After running several tests on his heart everything seemed to be fine but the doctor taking care of my dad still wanted to check further. The doctor had him perform a stress test which showed some irregularities. At that point he underwent an angiogram which showed his Artery almost completely closed off. 

 At this point he was taken in for a stint to allow blood to continue to flow. 

Because of the severity of the blocked artery he would have suffered a Massive Heart Attack within days if the symptoms had not presented themselves. I am so thankful that my dad listened to the spirit regarding his pain rather than just "walking it off!"

I love my dad so much and am so grateful to be his daughter. He is an amazing example of honesty, faith, courage, kindness, generosity, hope, joy, & most of all his testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.He is an amazing example of how a husband should treat his wife. He loves my mom with all his heart and respects her in every way. I want to thank my Father in Heaven for sending me to two amazing parents, I am blessed because of it.  I am so thankful that my children have him to look up to and learn from. 

I Love You Dad!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wonderful Sunday!

Happy Sunday at the Hudson home today!!! We were all getting along today and that always makes me happy! Electronics were turned off and we played games together, colored, made cookies, built towers, played together journaled, worked on ABC's & math, read books, took naps, & face timed with good friends what could be better???

Tyson made an ABC assignment for Parker 

The other fantastic part of our day was participating in Fast Sunday. Tyson has been wanting to fast since he was baptized and today was the day. I am so amazed at the example he is to me. I have a strong testimony of fasting and been blessed many times over so why is it so hard to remember? When I had talked to Tyson about why it is hard for me he said, "put it on your calendar." It is now on the calendar so we can remember. I am so thankful for the example of my sweet Tyson and thankful to my Heavenly Father for sending him to Steve & I.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Papa & Grammy Come to Visit!

We had a great time with Papa & Grammy for the few days they were here! 
Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you again soon!!
 Tyson helping Grammy with her new tablet.
 Bunny Ears